Kronenburg Engines is a company where quality and craftsmanship are highly valuated. This enables us to offer a very broad range of capabilities and products. Here is an overview of our services:

Remanufactured engines

Kronenburg Motorenrevisie is the company for a remanufactured engine. Due to the large stock we can often provide a replacing remanufactured engine, this has the advantage that you can instantly build your own engine to the remanufactured engine. Also for more exclusive engines such as Audi RS4, RS6 and BMW M3, M5 we are the right address!


In addition to providing complete remanufactured engines, we can also carry out some repairs such as resurfacing and pressurisation of clinderheads, crankshaft balance and honing of cylinders. Want to know more about the possibilities and prices please contact us.

Car parts

Because of our large stock of engines, we also have a very large stock of used car parts. These are found in the webshop where you can search by part number. If you need help we are at your service for more information.


As one of the first Van Kronenburg Motorenrevisie was chip tuning turbocharged engines. The result is that we are very knowledgeable in this art and we always can make an attractive offer. Because we are in possession of our own dyno your can can be can be rolled both before and after the chip tuning.


Kronenburg Motorenrevisie is in possession of a modern dyno which is able to make a 4 wheel measurement. You can do this to find out how much HP/NM your engine has or let us adjust your (racing) engine. This usually results in better performance and improved driving experience.

Kronenburg Management Systems (KMS)

KMS is a full line of engine management systems, which allows to control petrol engines (both turbo as n / a) to 12 cylinders with options like 4mb datalogging, staged/banked injections, mapselector, odd firing, self-learning lambda control, boost control, variable launch control, idle control, traction control, powershift, rpm limiters, engine diagnostics, shift-light, water injection, cooling fan, fuel pump etc. For every budget and application, Kronenburg Management Systems has a solution! For more information and products visit the website.