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Van Kronenburg Motorenrevisie

Since 1992 Van Kronenburg Motorenrevisie is a well known and respected name in the motorsport industry. The first 5 years, work was done in a small garage in the centre of Geldrop. After a while, John van Kronenburg understood this place was no longer sufficient for doing all the work for his customers. Therefore another location was appointed where he decided to build a complete new facility. The location he found was on a new industrial area on the border of Geldrop.

Since 1 January 1999 Van Kronenburg Motorenrevisie has settled in a new 450m² building. This building of course has enough room for all the activities necessary for doing the professional work for customers. The new facility is equipped with a complete range of special machinery, necessary for performing all the services that Van Kronenburg Motorenrevisie offers; 4WD rolling-road, engine dyno, flow-bench, several highly specialized machines and a good equipped workshop.

Van Kronenburg Management Systems (KMS)

For more than 20 years, Van Kronenburg Motorenrevisie has been designing, building and using high performance engines for a wide variety of applications. Using different types of engine management systems during the early beginnings of the company, Van Kronenburg set out to design their own affordable engine management system to overcome their dissatisfaction with the products and services offered by other suppliers.

The goal of what was to eventually become the Kronenburg Management System (KMS) was that it had to be simple, reliable and yet very effective at an affordable price. Using this approach, Van Kronenburg has been able to design an engine management system that could cope with 90% of all applications.

Today the Kronenburg management systems (KMS) have grown to a complete line of engine management systems, that gives you the possibility to manage all (turbo + n/a) petrol engines up to 12 cylinders with options such as 4mb datalogging, staged/banked injections, mapselector, odd firing, self-learning lambda control, boost control, variable launch control, idle control, traction control, powershift, rpm limiters, engine diagnostics, shift-light, water injection, cooling fan, fuel pump etc.

To aid to the functioning of the management systems, KMS provides an extensive range of accessories including a mini dashboard, lambda controllers, idle control actuators, boost control actuators, temperature sensors, position sensors, pressure sensors, wiring, etc. KMS also provides customers with a complete external range of engine components such as throttle bodies and accessories, turbo’s and fuel system components.

Due to the ever expanding work of Van Kronenburg Motorenrevisie, they were forced to store it’s stock of engines and gearboxes in some of the surrounding buildings on the industrial area. This means that Van Kronenburg Motorenrevisie has effectively grown to multiple locations with a total of 1500+ m² with over 30 employees.